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Sourcing API

The Sourcing API allows you to access lead and listing data from a variety of used car marketplaces.

This API requires authentication and appropriate license attached to it.

Market Overlay API

When viewing a lead on the AutoGrab web app, a view of similar leads that are currently listed for sale or recently sold is available on the side of the page (the 'Market Overlay'). The Market Overlay API gives you programmatic access to this data, enabling you to show price justifications or re-create our market comparison view for your own purposes.

To access a Market Overlay, you will need to specify a AutoGrab Vehicle ID to search for relevant listings. To retrieve a Vehicle ID, use any of the Vehicle Search APIs.

When retrieving market data for an AutoGrab Vehicle ID, a best-effort attempt is made to find at least four listings. This search begins by looking at the latest 60 days, and if there is not enough data in this time period, another 10 days of data is added until the minimum quota of four is reached.

If you would like a larger sample of market data, you can specify a minimum_days value, and this will override the default minimum of 60 days.


To perform an example request:

curl '{VEHICLE_ID}?region=au' \
      -H 'ApiKey: {API_KEY}'

An example payload is included below, although only the first lead is shown to save space:

  "success": true,
  "sample_size": 56,
  "days_checked": 60,
  "leads": [
      "id": "nz_autotraderconz_442876",
      "vehicle_id": "4926722097020928",
      "year": 2012,
      "release_year": 2011,
      "release_month": 8,
      "listed_at": "2022-08-11T10:22:07.072Z",
      "removed_at": "2022-09-20T10:22:07.072Z",
      "seller_type": "dealer",
      "color": "Red",
      "state": "VIC",
      "tag_ids": [
      "price": 15000,
      "kms": 30000,
      "listing_sources": [

You can explore this request further in the API Playground.