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AutoGrab's API makes use of the OpenAPI 2.0 specification which makes it easy for our partners to integrate. We want to ensure the best possible experience for integrating with our stack.

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Environment URL
Production V2


We have general availability of most endpoints across our supported regions. Each region has unique characteristics that are highlighted in the integration guides. Each API product is restricted to a specific region. To specify which region a request is for, use the region query parameter in the request.

For example:

Supported Regions

Country Region Code
Australia au
New Zealand nz
Malaysia my
United Kingdom uk

API Keys

Your account manager will provision API keys for your account. If you require a key to be revoked please contact your account manager.

Quota Limits

AutoGrab APIs have soft quota limits that are enforced based on your contract agreement. To discuss these limits please contact your account manager.

Rate Limiting

We strictly monitor the number of requests per second — if you exceed your allocation the API will respond with HTTP 429 Too Many Requests. We will also return additional headers to help you better understand when rate limits will be applied.

The limits are applied per API product and are decided based on your contract agreement. Rate limits do not relate to quotas.

Header Example Description
Rate-Limit-Remaining 60 Number of remaining requests until the limit is reset.
Rate-Limit-Total 60 Number of total requests that can be made until the limit is reset.
Rate-Limit-Reset 1609459200 The timestamp of when the limit will reset.
Monthly-Base-Request-Quota 100 Number of requests included in your contract.
Monthly-Max-Request-Quota 100000 Maximum number of requests allowed in your contract.
Monthly-Request-Total 100 Monthly requests performed for this request type.